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Success Story: Small Indian Business Exceeds Expectations - The manufacture of electric motors with die-cast copper rotors is one of the most exciting engineering developments led by the Copper Development Association (CDA) in recent years. While the benefits of replacing aluminum rotors with copper have been known for some time, casting copper rotors economically had been the biggest hurdle to overcome. Therefore, it was no surprise when a particularly determined owner of a small die casting business in India contacted Copper Motor Rotor Project Manager Dr. John Cowie for some guidance with his company's trials to cast copper rotors. MORE >>

Energy Report Anticipates Increase in Carbon Dioxide Emissions - At the end of December, The Energy Information Administration, a statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy, released 'The Annual Energy Outlook 2002' which forecasts energy supply, demand and prices through 2020. The report anticipates notable increases in electricity usage and carbon dioxide emissions and recognizes the trend toward more environmental awareness and increased governmental regulation in regard to the use of energy-efficient products and practices. MORE >>

Consumers Seek Energy Efficient Appliances - A recent survey by energy market intelligence company Primen concluded that energy efficiency replaced cost as the consumer's primary concern when purchasing appliances for the home. According to Primen's press release, the survey results represented a “seismic shift in consumer thinking.” In previous studies, energy efficiency was ranked as only a moderate concern among consumers. MORE >>
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