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The Numbers Are In Important Financial Data Revealed - At a copper motor rotor demonstration meeting in January, Darryl Van Son, consultant to the Copper Development Association (CDA), shared some of the most extensive data on copper rotor tests to date. Most notable were preliminary data that will help define the financial implications of switching to super-premium-efficient copper rotors. MORE >>

Brass Die-Casting Company to Take on Copper - Although interest in the technology of die casting copper motor rotors continues to gain momentum, motor manufacturers remain cautious about making the investment necessary to bring the technology in-house. By outsourcing the casting of the rotors, these manufacturers can evaluate the feasibility and associated economics of the new technology at a much lower cost, giving companies like the Rheocast Company, a brass die casting operation in Germantown, Wisconsin, a potential new area of business. MORE >>

California Businesses Cite Efficiency as Top Concern - In September 2001, the California Public Utilities Commission suspended a direct-access provision that allowed businesses to purchase electricity from alternative – and usually less expensive – service providers. A recent survey cites that, as a result, California businesses are now looking to efficiency as the primary way to save on energy costs. In fact, 77% of those polled say energy efficiency now is “very important” to them. MORE >>
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