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Semi-Solid Metal Forming Now Possible Due to Copper Rotor Die Technology - The breakthrough technology developed to economically die cast copper has begun to be transferred to other processes. Semi-solid metal (SSM) forming - primarily used for aluminum components - can now be used to cast copper alloys. Dr. Kenneth Young, president and CEO of V-Forge, Inc., in Englewood, Colorado, is a pioneer in SSM technology and has begun testing this process on copper alloys. MORE

Die Material is Key to Copper Die Casting Success - The greatest challenge of the copper motor rotor project was die casting copper economically. Short die life brought on by the high temperature of molten copper, rendered the die casting of copper too costly a process. A high-temperature material suitable for molten copper was needed to make the process economically viable. Project trials proved Haynes 230 Alloy to be that material. C. Mel Adams, ScD, PE, a consultant to CDA, recently explained what makes Haynes 230 the material of choice for die casting copper. MORE

NEMA Pressures Congress on Energy Bill - In early June, NEMA, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, announced that it will continue to press Congress to pass legislation calling for a federal product procurement standard for motors, based on the NEMA Premiumô motor- efficiency standard and to set higher energy-efficiency goals for new federal installations and retrofits. MORE

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