Copper Motor Rotor

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Copper Motor Rotor Project
The incorporation of copper for the conductor bars and end rings of the induction motor in place of aluminum would result in attractive improvements in motor energy efficiency. Die cast motor rotors are universally produced in aluminum today because rotor fabrication by pressure die-casting is an established practice. Lack of a durable and cost effective mold material has been the technical barrier preventing manufacture of the cast copper rotor. This project seeks to identify mold materials for copper pressure die-casting that will allow economical production of copper motor rotors.

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Press Release:   Super-efficient Motors with Copper Rotors Enter U.S. Market
Periodic Update:   Copper Motor Rotor
Files available in PDF format:

  Performance Characteristics of Drive Motors Optimized for Die-Cast Copper Cages - September 2005 [102 KB]

  Copper in the Rotor for Lighter, Longer Lasting Motors - August 2005 [173 KB]

  Performance of Motors with Die-cast Copper Rotors in Industrial and Agricultural Pumping Applications - May 2005 [360 KB]

  Copper Motor Rotor Technology Transfer Report [3.09 MB]

  New Materials and Innovative Technologies to Improve teh Efficiency of Three-phase Induction Motors—September 2004  [420 KB]

  Recent Advances in Development of the Copper Motor Rotor—September 2004  [71.9 KB]

  Recent Designing Squirrel Cage Rotor Slots with High Conductivity—September 2004  [104 KB]

  Three-Phase Induction Motor Efficiency Improvements With Die-Cast Copper Rotor Cage and Premium Steel—June 2004 [576 KB]

  Prediction of Thermal Fatigue in Tooling for Die-casting Copper via Finite Element Analysis—March 2004 [77.1 KB]

  Design of High Efficiency Industrial Induction Motors by Innovative Technologies and New Materials—Executive Summary—December 2003, by the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of L’Aquila [17.6 KB]

  ELROMA 2003—Development of the Copper Motor Rotor—Manufacturing Considerations and Motor Test Results—December 2003 [416 KB]

  Designing Squirrel Cage Rotor Slots with High Conductivity—ICEM 2004 [112 KB]

  Porosity Control in Copper Rotor Die Castings—NADCA 2003 [1 MB]

  The die-cast copper motor rotor— new copper market opportunity—Cobre 2003 [624 KB]

  Demonstration Meeting Presentation—January 29, 2002 [13.2 MB]

  NADCA 2002—Use Of High Temperature Die Material & Hot Dies For High Pressure Die Casting Pure Copper & Copper Alloys—October 2002 [4.61 MB]

  EEMODS 2002—Die-cast Copper Motor Rotors: Motor Test Results, Copper Compared to Aluminum—September 2002 [291 KB]

  EEMODS 2002—Die-cast Copper Motor Rotors: Die Materials and Process Considerations for Economical Copper Rotor—September 2002 [267 KB]

  Materials & Modifications to Die Cast the Copper Conductors of the Copper Motor RotorSeptember 10, 2001 [504 KB]

  CDA Spring Meeting Presentation by Mr. Darryl Van Son: Cast Copper RotorsEfficiency Test Results, June 7, 2000 [52 KB]

  PresentationMarch 2001  [808 KB]

  Electrical Energy Efficiency ResultsFebruary 2001 [12 KB]

  Project UpdateJanuary 2001  [40 KB]

  Project Description  [70 KB]

  EEMODS PaperSeptember 1999  [790 KB]

  CANMET Paper1998  [1,950 KB]

The project is managed by the   Copper Development Association Inc.
260 Madison Avenue
New York, NY   10016   USA
Contact Information   Ned Brush |
John Cowie |
The project is funded by the   International Copper Association Ltd.
260 Madison Avenue
New York, NY   10016   USA